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outdoor kitchen plans

Nothing completes your home more than a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Sometimes it is hard to decide what you want though, because you can make your choice in countless bars, cookers, grills and much more. Discover our outdoor kitchen plans and get some excellent ideas for your own personal outdoor kitchen.

Have you always wanted your own pizza oven? Why not incorporate one in your outdoor kitchen plans? The pizza oven needs a considerable amount of space and can be built in various materials, preferably stone. With a beautiful pizza over outside, you won’t have any excuse to not have a delicious pizza on a regular basis. Say goodbye to paying for overpriced pizza’s, because with this beauty you can do it yourself.

If you like throwing parties, you might want to consider a mini-fridge and a grill in your outdoor kitchen plans. There is one problem with these types of outdoor kitchens though and that is the weather elements. The perfect way to deal with keeping electrics safe, is by building a small covered patio above your outdoor kitchen. You can easily grill some burgers and stock some beer for your next party and you won’t have to go into your house a single time!

Some people enjoy the good old-fashion outdoor cooking and what is not to love? There is something about a nice burger on an open fire or roasting some marshmallows late at night. For this very reason, a lot of people choose to build a camp kitchen as well as a fire pit. You could even do a proper pig roast and invite the whole neighborhood. If you enjoy the great outdoors and having company around a cozy fire, then this will be the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

There are also tons of materials you can incorporate in your outdoor kitchen plans, but they will heavily depend on the style of your exterior. If you have a traditional home, it is better to go with wood and some stone with an earthen color. Yes, you heard right! You can still use stone, just as long as the color provides a warm glow. People who have a modern exterior can take advantage of cold stone colors and can usually go with standard natural stone.

If you just want a simple outdoor kitchen that is also a possibility, however if you plan to have tons of electrics, it is better to cover your kitchen completely. You can even add some curtains to add some atmosphere on a warm summer evening, although you might have to remove them during bad weather. There are some solutions out there that will protect your outdoor kitchen and accessories against the weather elements, but it will cost you a hefty sum in infrastructure. If you don’t mind the investment, you can go full out and invest in some extremely durable materials and a large covered outdoor kitchen and why shouldn’t you? If you have the budget, go all out and create the best outdoor kitchen for ultimate convenience and functionality!

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