Kitchen Lighting for Traditional Kitchens


Are you wondering what kitchen lighting would be best for your traditional kitchen? Do you love the warmth of traditional kitchen lighting? Read on and discover the most beautiful kitchen lighting ideas!

When you are looking at kitchen lighting nowadays, you will get showered with countless options. The truth is, the choice of your kitchen lighting will depend very heavily on the room you have and the colors you have used in the design of your kitchen.


A popular kitchen lighting choice are spotlights. They are compact and could be placed anywhere in your kitchen, on the wall, the ceiling or even under kitchen cabinets. Spotlights are often designed for the modern kitchen and that could make it a little more difficult to find a nice design for your traditional kitchen. If you have your heart set on some beautiful spots, look for bronze, brass and warm colored stainless steel. You will also find spots in many shapes and sizes and you can generally go with the larger models if you desire some ceiling spots. It is always better to go with smaller models for wall spotlights in order to same space.

The true conventional light for traditional kitchens is without a shadow of a doubt, the pendant light. Pendant lights are available in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that you can easily find some really good bargains. However, just like the spotlights, color and size matters depending on the design of your kitchen. It is definitely better to avoid stainless steel with pendant lamp, because you want to avoid its shininess. If you want a pendant lamp in your traditional kitchen, it is better to go with bronze, brass or even a wooden finish. The pendant lamps with a wooden finish can be a bit tricky to find and could be a little more expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment.


Counter and cabinet lighting is not unusual for traditional kitchens, but just like other lighting types, you will need to look for brass, copper, bronze or wood. Counter lighting is really not suited for small kitchens, since the clutter these lights cause take away space. What you can do is use some strip lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets, and it does not take away the little room you have. What kitchen strip lighting does do is create an extra dimension in your kitchen and put some extra accents where you need them.

If you are on a bit of a budget, it is better to go with the most inexpensive materials. Copper can be quite expensive at the moment, so you better avoid it if your budget does not allow it. Colored stainless steel is probably the cheapest option available to you and due to the cheap production costs there are countless models, shapes and sizes. The only downside is that most stainless steel lighting fixtures can be a bit glossy, so try to go with a matte finish if you can find one.

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