Compact Kitchen Design for Small Kitchen

Compact kitchen design for small kitchen can be realize by using multifunctional appliances. That is the most important key to create compact kitchen. Multifunction furniture and appliances can easily be found on the furniture home store and manufacturer. This kind of furniture are commonly use for those who live in a small apartment or studio. One furniture with more than two functions are very useful to save more spaces.

Compact Kitchen Design for Small Kitchen

The multifunctional furniture to use for example the kitchen appliances created by German called small modular kitchen. At a glance, this furniture may look like usual kitchen table. But this one is also consist of small fridge, induction cook top, oven, and storage space for tableware and various different kitchen tools. And of course this one square meter furnishes also can be use as dining table.

Compact Kitchen for Small Kitchen

Circle kitchen offer another beautiful attractive compact kitchen design for small kitchen. By only 1.8 meters square, you can get the whole kitchen cabinet. This furniture designed with circular shape where ever space of it consists of all characteristic of complete kitchen. It rotates 180 degree and includes kitchen sink, dishwasher, microwave, and small cabinet at the top.

Compact Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchen

Other multifunction use for compact kitchen design for small kitchen is Carre. This furniture is the whole drawers and cabinets to keep your foods like a modern customize culinary space use in the small restaurant to serve the customer. The cubicle shape of Carre only occupies 1 meter square and can be transform into six different configurations. It has kitchen sink, cooking counter and many storage spaces.

Modern Compact Kitchen Design for Small Kitchen

The last type of multifunctional furniture is flexible mobile kitchen. It is a sophisticated kitchen that can be rotate 360 degrees and has some different functions areas like storage shelves, areas for cooking, cleaning, even for eating.

Use multifunction furniture to save small space. It is the key to make small kitchen design successful.

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