Curious About Kitchen Remodelling Costs?

Kitchen Remodelling Costs

Worried about your kitchen remodelling costs? Then definitely read on because we will help you save money on your next kitchen remodel. When you hire someone to remodel your kitchen, you cannot get a straight answer about time and cost. This is not a big surprise, since there are a lot of variables to take into account and trust me when I say this isn’t really their fault. However, they should be able to deliver a rough estimate for your kitchen remodel.

Saving on kitchen remodelling costs is easier than you think, because it all comes down to choice of materials, although you can save the most money by keeping your original kitchen structure. What is the point of a kitchen remodel then, you ask? Well, even if you keep your original structure, you can still make it look completely different by some modern techniques like refacing or adding a splash of paint. When you leave your kitchen intact, you’ll also save loads on kitchen remodelling costs because there is no need for new plumbing or electrics.

Lighting is also an important part of reducing your kitchen remodelling costs. Many people want to remodel their kitchen and put some new lights as well, however, these new lights can increase the cost of your kitchen remodel considerably. There is also a danger that your electric bill goes up as well, depending on the lighting you are installing. Putting in new lights does not have to be expensive, as long as you don’t rewire the electrics or install new ones. You can get new lighting much easier by choosing some new fixtures, instead of going for a full makeover. Your kitchen will still look different and you can achieve functional and ambient lighting by choosing your desired design.

Another way to save on kitchen remodelling costs is cutting down on specific kitchen appliances. Don’t get me wrong, every remodel should go with some cool new gadgets for your cooking hub, however, it is how you implement them that will make the difference. Built-in microwaves, wine coolers and warming drawers will increase your kitchen remodelling costs considerably, so it is wise to step away from that.

You can also save money on kitchen remodelling costs by choosing cheaper materials. Ceramic tile for example, which is quite cheap but also quite durable. Vinyl flooring is also considerably cheaper for your kitchen remodel, although not everyone likes it. Luckily there are many new vinyl finishes you can choose from, so it will look like another more expensive material. Many people choose a vinyl floor with an oak finish and it may not feel like the original, it certainly looks like it.

Last but not least you can seriously reduce kitchen remodelling costs by refacing your kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones. Nowadays it is very easy to buy your doors separately, but before you do, make sure that your existing structure is durable enough to handle a cabinet reface.

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