Discover a Beautiful Kitchen Island for Your Kitchen

Do you have some spare room in your kitchen? If so, this may be the perfect time to implement a kitchen island. We have summed up the most beautiful and original kitchen island ideas for you, so we are convinced you will find something to your liking!

Kitchen Island and Dining Table

A kitchen island is not only a block of functional space in your kitchen, you can also use it for dining. You do not necessarily have to sit on the kitchen island itself, because you can add a beautiful dining table in the middle of it, like in the example above this paragraph. The kitchen island is made from a beautiful white marble material and the U-shape provides extra room for a dining booth. Even though the kitchen island takes up the majority of room in this kitchen, it still provides a relatively open kitchen design.

kitchen island and incorporated dining table

Sometimes you don’t have the space for a large kitchen island, but small has some charm as well! The example above shows how you can use the little space you have to maximize your kitchen’s functionality. The kitchen island has a dining table worked into it, which could be used for its intended purpose or simply as some extended work space. The kitchen island also works perfectly with the stone kitchen backsplash tiles on the walls. The only thing that could be changed in this design is the floor, since it does not go well with the rest of this kitchen design.

Functional Kitchen Island

Functionality is definitely an important part of your kitchen and some people fail to see the extra functions a kitchen island can provide. Many people incorporate their range into the kitchen island nowadays. Not only does it make the kitchen island more functional, but it gives you loads of extra room in the kitchen. You do not have to find extra room for a large cooking range, since an induction plate or built-in range can provide you with all the functionality your require.

Extension Kitchen Island

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot have a kitchen island at all, because there are many ways to go around a lack of space. Many people implement a kitchen island by using an extension on their kitchen cabinets. Creating such a kitchen island can be quite beneficial, it costs less money and also blends with your existing kitchen design perfectly. A kitchen island, like in the example, can be implemented in every type of kitchen, whether you like modern, contemporary, country or traditional.

Box Kitchen

Last but not least, modern kitchen islands can be quite creative, but so can country kitchen islands. The kitchen island above is a beautiful example of that. The small kitchen clearly has no room for a big kitchen island, so they used an oval pastel colored kitchen island instead. Even though this oval kitchen island provides a minimum amount of working space, it is still absolutely beautiful and adds a nice accent into this country kitchen.

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