Discover The Best Kitchen Cabinet Doors For Refacing

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Do you want to save money by doing some kitchen cabinet refacing? Then you are probably in need of some kitchen cabinet doors ideas. By refacing your kitchen cabinet doors, you can add various effects to your kitchen. Whether you are trying to create space or more dimension, the following kitchen cabinet doors will do just that. It does not matter if you are on a budget, you’ll certainly find something you love.

The most popular kitchen cabinet doors are still the solid wood cabinet doors. However, they can be quite pricy; so many people just choose a cabinet door that looks like wood. But it must be said, wooden kitchen cabinet doors make your kitchen look absolutely fabulous. You can make your choice in various designs and finishes, from Louvre doors, Square Top and Cathedral Top to Pine drawer fronts. The types of woods that are available are nearly endless as well. The most popular types of wooden kitchen cabinet doors are oak, solid birch and pine. The beauty of wooden doors is that it creates warmth, but it also mixes brilliantly with your beautiful hardwood floors.

If you have a small kitchen, then you should choose the glass kitchen cabinet doors. Glass creates the illusion of space, but might become a problem if you tend to clutter up your cabinets. You can also combine glass with another material, for example wood, if you still want the warmth of a wooden finish. Wooden kitchen cabinets with glass are probably the most pricy kitchen cabinet doors in the bunch, but they do make your kitchen look fabulous!

When you are on an extremely tight budget, you might lean towards particle board kitchen cabinet doors. The material is cheaper and a lot denser than the conventional wood, but it isn’t that strong. The biggest disadvantage of the particle board is how bridle it is. However, despite of that, you can make your choice amongst hundreds of designs. You can buy particle board that looks exactly like oak wood, but once you touch it you will definitely feel the difference.

Another cheaper option is the fiberboard, which is a thicker variant of the particle board. It has a very uniform look and is also available in many designs. If you like to work with veneers, this will be the perfect choice for you. However, they can be a bit more pricy than the particle board but are still cheaper than natural woods. Although, it is possible that you find fiberboards that are a bit pricy, depending on their finish and density. With fiberboard you also get an extra advantage, it does not expand or contract like wood does, contributing to its durability. However, when you buy your fiberboard, make sure you choose high-quality. Low-grade fiberboard can swell and even break when it is saturated with water. You will also need to seal it so it does not warp or expand. But if you have bought a good panel, and installed it properly, you won’t have much to worry about.





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