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It needs to be said, modern kitchens are totally hot right now. Many people find that modern kitchens give them the functionality they are looking for in their busy lifestyle. So what will be the modern kitchen styles in 2015? Let’s take a look and get some ideas for your new kitchen remodel.

Modern kitchens are meant to be inviting, but still be practical. A good modern kitchen should combine minimalistic designs with loads of functional space.

When we look at 2015, we can see that the most used materials for modern kitchens in 2014 are also making a comeback in the New Year. Tailor-made components are especially popular for modern kitchens, for example concrete and Corian. However, this does not mean that there is no room for traditional elements. The modern kitchens for 2015 seem to favor the traditional wooden floors, providing extra contrast with your modern kitchen furniture.

The composite materials are certainly back for modern kitchens in 2015. These types of materials can be cost-effective, although there is a large range of pricier composite materials as well. Composite materials can mainly be found in sinks for modern kitchens. The most fabulous composite kitchen sinks are without a doubt the black ones. They look incredibly streamlined and sleek. However, if you have a small kitchen, it is not advised to go with the black composite sinks.

Flooring for the modern kitchens will consist out of wood in 2015. This may seem like a more traditional choice, but it provides an excellent contract with your modern furniture. The most popular flooring for modern kitchens is English oak or exotic Zebrano. If you aren’t really a fan of wood flooring, you can take advantage of the latest marble, limestone and granite floors. These can be quite pricy though, so ensure that there is room for this new floor in your budget.

The colors for modern kitchens in 2015 will be very dark or very bright. The dark colors are mainly meant for bigger modern kitchens, while the lighter colors are meant for smaller modern kitchens. It is important to choose neutral shades, natural hues and maybe use some bright accents.

Modern kitchens can count on a whole new range of appliances for 2015. Manufacturers are trying to play on increased functionality and a streamlined design and this can certainly be seen in the appliances for 2015. Most of the appliance designs are based on the classic American styled appliances, using stainless steel as it basic material. We can also see a return of the efficient extractor fans, especially for kitchens with an open layout.

The modern kitchens for 2015 also come with more storage possibilities. This is certainly needed, since modern kitchens cannot contain clutter. Keeping your modern kitchen clean and pristine is essential to keep that modern feel alive, so make sure you use storage options to their maximum potential. There are countless options for built-in kitchen cabinets, but also a modern pantry to add to your modern kitchen.

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