Galley Kitchens Design Ideas

Galley kitchens design ideas today are enormous. Galley kitchen design nowadays also easily to be adjusted with any kind of size; the big house with large kitchen, small size kitchen on small apartment, etc. in case you have space suitable for kitchen with the galley model shape, all you have to do is only to adjust the model, style, and space with kitchen galley design.

Galley Kitchens Design

Galley kitchen design ideas are where you can arrange your whole cooking area on a space that relatively narrows. Often the galley kitchen takes a place on an aisle. And this should not consider as the hard challenge on designing kitchen. The advantage of galley kitchen is you will have everything nearer.

There will be three important sides on a galley kitchen. One side on middle can be use for washing space, and two space on a left and right are use for cabinets; cutting space, and cooking space including fridge and stove. To reduce the narrow sense of your galley kitchen, you can use bright colors and set a good lighting proportion. Choose white, light grey to be the dominant colors.

The shape of space of galley kitchen design usually a U-shaped space, sometimes the aisle space are quite long so you might have more space to place bigger fridge on one side. Besides combination of white, you can always use pure metal furniture to reduce the narrow sense of galley kitchen. Wood flooring always looks stunning to help brighten the atmosphere. However, you can choose either the plain painted wall or marble or tile to decorate the wall around the cabinets and cooking area.

Galley kitchen design ideas can help you creating the best arrangement of your kitchen that take place at a narrow space or aisle.

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