How to Update 1970s Kitchen

How to Update 1970s Kitchen – A 1970s kitchen features lots of dark forest and natural tones. The cupboards are most likely dark with rustic hardware. The colors in the kitchen area are most likely gold, avocado, and burnt orange. You are ready to replace that dated look with something a little more contemporary.

How to Update 1970s Kitchen

How to Update 1970s Kitchen:

  • Lighten the 1970s kitchen cupboards. If you will not want entirely replace the cupboards inside your kitchen, you can any rate provide them with another look. Consider painting them whitened, whitewashing them, or bleaching them. The heavy, dark look of individuals seventies cabinets needs to go.
  • Update the 1970s kitchen hardware. Remove all of the cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and hinges and discard them. You can purchase alternative hardware at any large home center or online. Search for something easy and light colored to complement the feel of your brand-new cabinets.
  • Replace the home appliances. For those who have home appliances inside your 1970s kitchen, it is certainly time to have an upgrade. You will find that new home appliances tend to be more energy-efficient and could save you money over time. Choose something having a stainless finish actually obtain a sleek, modern look. When the cost of stainless scares you, opt for whitened-no avocado.
  • Concentrate on flooring. Take out that old carpeting or linoleum flooring inside your 1970s kitchen. Change it with porcelain tile or pre-laminated wooden flooring. Should you opt for wood, keep your finish light. With ceramic tiles, select a warm neutral.
  • Fresh paint what remains. Whenever you put a brand new coat of fresh paint around the walls, you can choose a warm neutral or give a pop of color. Be sure that you stay away from individuals seventies colors reflecting character-gold, avocado and burnt orange.

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