Italian Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Maybe you have wanted your small kitchen to seem like a Tuscan retreat. You will find a couple of tips you are able to follow to do this look yourself with little trauma for your wallet.

Fresh Paint for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Fresh Paint for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Developing a faux stucco, multihued wall is a terrific way to create Mediterranean flair inside your kitchen. Many people would gravitate to heavy, deep oranges and burgundies once they think about Italian kitchen design. However, these dark colors could make a previously small space look even tinier because more dark colors absorb, not reflect, light. Try taking a lighter color scheme with warm tones.

To produce a multihued stucco look, you will need joint compound and a combination of warm colors. HGTV designer Ann Sundet suggests one palette, which includes sage eco-friendly, red-color, light tan, and cream. Additionally, you will require a fresh paint tray, fresh paint curler as well as an affordable large paintbrush using the bristles cut lower to at least one inch for simple pouncing. Start by placing 2 glasses of joint compound within the fresh paint tray. Utilizing a spoon, drizzle each one of the four colors within the joint compound, then roll the fresh paint curler within the mixture to combine. Create mix all of the colors into one for any rustic old world look, you will need to have multiple hues. Make use of your paintbrush to dab the fresh paint and joint compound combination on your walls.

Cabinets for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Cabinets for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Your cabinets will have to suit your recently warm-up walls. For those who have traditional wooden cabinets, a good way to get this done would be to sand them and stain them an in-depth red-brown. For those who have MDF or particleboard cabinetry, do not worry it is not necessary to spend 1000’s of dollars on new cabinets. You can just fresh paint them an in-depth brick-red-color to enhance the colors in your walls.

One other good way to produce a Mediterranean look is as simple as altering the handles in your drawers and cabinets. Brass handles works well within an Italian kitchen and provide it a rustic feel. When selecting the handles, you are able to opt for a luxuriant design for any traditional feel, or select a simpler design for any more contemporary appearance.

Furniture and Accessories for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Furniture and Accessories for Design Italian Small Kitchen

Prior to going furniture shopping, you might like to stop and have a look at what you have. It is simple to convert an ordinary wooden dining room table into an Italian treat. Begin by discoloration the table an in-depth, warm brown. A simple technique suggest by Sundet is tape off a square in the heart of your table and painting that area exactly the same cream you utilizes on your walls. Then, you should use a luxuriant stencil to brighten the corners from the square with sage eco-friendly. To provide your dining chairs a Mediterranean feel, try reupholstering all of them with a gold fabric.

Buffets will also be an attractive feature within an Italian kitchen. Sundet produce an attractive buffet by painting a classic shelving unit sage eco-friendly, then affixing two large, warm tiles up to cover any put on.

Lighting add-ons can do or die a kitchen. Try to shop in antique or thrift stores to locate a brass chandelier. If you cannot find brass lighting, it is simple to fresh paint the frame from the chandelier using gold spray fresh paint. Then, make use of a bristle brush to stipple brownish within the gold allow it an age look.

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Developing a traditional, old world Italian style inside your small-size kitchen is simple with simple painting techniques, ceramic tiles and recycled furniture. Create your small kitchen with Italian small kitchen design ideas.

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