Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Kitchen Design Trends 2012 – When analyzing the strangeness kitchen design, there are certain areas, which would shape and define their appearance and how they work within themselves and in relation to other spaces.

Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Functions of Kitchen Design Trends 2012

The kitchen is the engine, they have to work, and they should work correctly and in an efficient manner taking into account the demands of actual user. Technology helps designers to have more freedom while working on the layout of the kitchen but the famous “triangle work” must always be considered: comfortable distance between wash areas, regional cooking and refrigerator. It is precisely in those areas where the trends developed: dishwasher is necessary, the sink (close to it) need to have the right depth, width, and taps should be easy to manipulate. Instant tap water a must as well.

Appliances such as an oven, fridge, microwave, and steam oven for sale with a variety of applications that can be more or less complex depending on specifications, allowing users to choose equipment according to individual preferences. On the other hand, the standard size for ease of installation.

Perhaps the revolution in the kitchen in recent years is the induction hob provides users not only aesthetically very trendy but many advantages in terms of security and better green credentials.

Spatial Relations with Other Regions

The kitchen has changed the way they interact with other spaces. Today the kitchen is an important presence when socializing and entertaining. It is increasingly being regarded as important social space areas and in some cases even more. Thus, the dining room being replaced or upgraded by the presence of Islands or peninsulas which allows the chef to be part of the dynamics of socializing? This phenomenon will be developed in years to come.

Light of Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Light has always been important when cooking, but due to new technologies such as LEDs and the fact that the kitchen became important social areas, the lighting scheme is a crucial element and can be used to create the feature as well as a practical task lighting. Different layers of lighting: ceiling, wall mounted, recessed, linear, etc. are all amazing tools that will make your kitchen the focal point is essential, and with new technology using light in a way that has previously unconsidered.

Materials of Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Traditional materials such as wood, granite, and ceramics, which were replaced with new products that promise to, become less expensive, more hardwearing, and innovative. Corian, composite, laminate, glass in their various forms gives a very contemporary look; glass splash backs, corian worktops and sinks.

A new trend is emerging in which traditional materials that match the contemporary: wood and Corian, laminated glass and stone, etc. The combinations are endless.

Color of Kitchen Design Trends 2012

Color is one of the most important elements when designing objects/space because space provides a special meaning. Choose the color of the light is to play safe. Contrast always considered making room warmer and more vivid. The color on the back splash is a good choice most of the time, as well as color, exploring new materials. Because the kitchen becomes an important part of the personality of the home colors should be selected according to the personal taste of the user. Saying this, it is still important to keep in mind the overall space, especially if there is an open space plan. The color tone of the middle is trending: greys, creams, light brown. With a large number of colors are cool, the space became more elegant and relaxing.

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