Modern Designs for Tiny Kitchen

Modern designs for tiny kitchen are often associated with compact kitchen design that usually require the modern tools, equipment, or furniture. The idea of compact kitchen is providing the efficient way to create modern design that is easily applied in a small space. But using the multifunction kitchen furniture is one way, there are may other way how to design a complete kitchen in a small space, mini bar design or creating the traditional kitchen with many modification also can easily be realize by using some tricks.

If you intend to create the whole kitchen with cabinet with modern design on a tiny space, you should focus on some concept. First, think vertically. Maximize or optimize the kitchen wall to be your storage. You can use the whole wall kitchen from the bottom to the ceiling as your cabinet. Try not to use too much unnecessary decorations or furniture in it. Because you will maximize the function of your kitchen wall, creating the high-celinged kitchen is rather better.

Using the right backsplash, flooring, lighting and certain colors will help to give larger or wider sense. This concept also popular for modern design for tiny kitchen. The use of metal and glass will brighten the space and make your kitchen a lot larger than it is. And using mirror as the backsplash also will help. Give lighting as much as you can to your tiny kitchen, if the window is not enough, use the combination of colors to reflect the natural light perfectly. The last thing is the choice of furniture. You can use the kitchen table as both kitchen island and dining table, use the stools or any char without arms to complete it. Creating the mini bar concept also can be another good idea.

Modern design for tiny kitchen can be realize by using various tricks, depend on your personal taste.

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