Pop Ceiling Design for Your Kitchen?

Have you ever considered installing a pop ceiling in your kitchen? A pop ceiling can really bring your kitchen to life, especially when you have a low ceiling. The ceiling will no longer be an eye sore with a pop ceiling, it will bring your kitchen some new dimensions.


The most common pop ceiling for kitchens is the pop ceiling with spotlights. Spotlights are actually recommended for people who have a low ceiling in their kitchen. If you are deciding to install a pop ceiling because you have a low ceiling, try to avoid kitchen furniture that is too high, because this will make your ceiling seem even lower.


People that have a medium to high ceiling, can be quite creative with their pop ceiling. Painting the pop ceiling in a different color than your walls will place a beautiful accent in your kitchen. Combine the colored pop ceiling with beautiful pendant lamps, spotlights or a chandelier.


If you have your heart set on a chandelier in your kitchen, it might be worth considering an oval pop ceiling. Oval pop ceilings can be quite expensive to implement, because it changes a lot about your kitchen’s infrastructure. If you have an oval ceiling, you can combine it with a nice pattern on the floor or an oval rug. Many people place an oval dining table underneath an oval pop ceiling and add a beautiful classic chandelier as well. If you decide to implement an oval pop ceiling, try to get a beautiful old-fashioned gold plated chandelier.


There are also kitchens with a very unusual ceiling, like in the example above. These kitchens do not have to be limited in beauty and originality. Simple add some nice accents that complement your existing kitchen furniture. Also try to keep the rest of your ceiling white, because this creates more space if you have a smaller kitchen.


Some ceilings have some wooden features embedded in them and these can be used to create a beautiful and unique pop ceiling. Hanging some pendant lamps off these wooden features will draw the attention to them as soon as you entered the room. This also creates the illusion of space and length, so could be really good if you have a ceiling that is a bit lower than the average kitchen.

Implementing a pop ceiling in your kitchen can be quite expensive. Some kitchens will have existing pop ceilings, where you can place some nice accents without changing too much to the original infrastructure. If you are planning a kitchen remodel and if you are planning to implement a pop ceiling, make sure you incorporate it into your budget. You will always need a contractor to build a pop ceiling for you and this can cost a considerable amount of money.


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