Standard Kitchen Counter Size

Standard Kitchen Counter Size – Though kitchen counters might be custom-built-in any shape and size that you would like for the kitchen, many counters are available in a typical size. The conventional dimensions of kitchen counter size dictate both heights from the counter and the width from the counter top in the front towards the back.

Standard Kitchen Counter Size

Standard Kitchen Counter Size:

Standard Dimensions

When counters are, install through the builder or whenever you purchase pre-made cabinetry with built-in kitchen counter size for your home from the furniture store. The pre-made counters normally spend time at a height of 36 inches, or 3 ft. This is actually the standard kitchen counter size. The width of this same 36-inch-high counter top in the front towards the back runs roughly 25 to 26 inches, with 25.5 being the conventional size.

Other Standards

The conventional size for any kitchen counter size refers back to the size the primary counter tops inside your kitchen, or individuals counters into that the stove, sink, and dishwasher are made. Another standard kitchen counter size does exist, though, which dictates how big counters used as breakfast bars. The counter tops that are generally connect to the backside of the standard 36-inch counter top generally spend time at a height of 42 inches, or 6 inches greater compared to primary counter top. The bar counter top height might be up to 46 inches, though, having a standard width between 10 and 18 inches.

Fitting with Appliances

Although it may appear a little conformist to possess every homeowner in the united states using counter tops of the identical size, particularly when people differ drastically tall along with a 3-feet counter top might not be well suited for everybody, but there’s grounds for that standard dimensions. Counter tops are made to ensure that home appliances, like ovens and dishwashers, can integrate effortlessly alongside them. Most ovens, for example, spend time at exactly the same 36-inch height like a standard counter, therefore the stove and counter make one even surface rather than sitting at different levels.

Versions in Standards

If you would like the counters inside your kitchen to sit down at another height than 36 inches, in order to be wider compare to standard 25.5 inches, you may either build the counters yourself or contract anyone to perform a custom counter job. However, if you are searching for shorter or slightly taller counter tops, you have a couple of more standard options. Counter tops are available in a variety between 34 and 38 inches in many DIY stores, some merchants provide cabinetry with counters as short as 30 inches.

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