The Best Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

A beautiful modern kitchen island should always go with some exceptional lighting. Even though kitchen island lighting might not be the first thing on your mind during the build or remodel of your kitchen, it is still important to put some much needed accents in the room.

The pendant kitchen island lighting is probably the most popular at this time and the reason is very obvious. Pendant lighting is available in countless beautiful modern designs, simply perfect as an addition to your modern kitchen. The only problem with pendant lighting is the bulkiness, although this is not really a problem with spacious kitchens. Pendant lights also come in various illumination levels, so you can pick whichever light strength fits your unique kitchen.

A kitchen island lighting option not many people think of are chandeliers. Chandeliers used to be very prominent in living rooms all over the world, but now they seem limited to the homes of the rich and powerful. Luckily we are seeing the chandeliers return to the modern kitchen as a beautiful addition above kitchen islands. The chandelier kitchen island lighting also comes in various affordable models, leaving you with extra money for some modernized appliances.

Some people have a reasonably small kitchen, but still acquired a kitchen island. Don’t get me wrong, some kitchen islands do work in a small kitchen, considering you still have enough room to move around. For these types of kitchens it is not recommended to buy pendant lighting or chandeliers, since they will take even more space away from your room. In these cases it is better to accentuate and there are many options available. Strip lighting is one of the most popular choices for the smaller kitchen and can be applied to the kitchen island itself, however, before you buy you’ll need to check if there is a good way to attach strip lighting to your existing kitchen island. Many people choose to attach strip lighting close to the floor, pulling the attention to the location of the kitchen island.

There are also plenty of materials to choose from. The most used material for modern kitchen island lighting is stainless steel. The stainless steel lighting fixtures come in affordable and less affordable versions, depending on the design. Some of the stainless steel lighting fixtures come in very bright colors, including bright red and blue. If you are truly dedicated to create some serious vibes in your modern kitchen, you can combine these with some colored strip lighting on the kitchen cabinets as well.

The ultimate kitchen island lighting is still the uniquely designed lighting fixtures that you can only get from a local artist. These are extremely pricy, but you will receive a totally unique product in return. Modern is a pretty popular kitchen design, so it can be hard to find some unique lighting that nobody else has. By contacting a local artist, you might come up with something that even your worst enemy will love you for.

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