The Kitchen Style Ideas of 2015


2015 is coming nearer and so are the exiting new kitchen style ideas! Even though there a many changes in colors and designs, the kitchen style ideas seem to remain stable.

The modern kitchen is still the most popular under the kitchen style ideas. The modern kitchen is characterized by a sleek and streamlined design, but with a considerable amount of contrast. The best thing about modern kitchens is that they are perfect to create space. If you have a small kitchen, then you could really benefit from a modern kitchen design. Modern kitchens also give you plenty of opportunities to use built-in appliances and unique storage possibilities.

Even though the modern kitchen is leading for the kitchen style ideas of 2015, it does not mean that the traditional kitchen is completely dead. The traditional kitchen comes in as a close number two this year and with a considerable amount of changes in traditional color use. Olive green will be trendy for traditional kitchens next year and this type of color goes perfectly with some excellent oak floor boards.

Many people enjoy kitchen style ideas that pertain to the country kitchen and this also shows in the numbers. The country kitchen came in third place for 2015, promising the comeback of pastel colors and some bold wooden constructions. Even though some people might see the country kitchen as old-fashion, it definitely does not show in the latest pictures of the country kitchens for 2015. Country kitchen can also be combined with some bold colors, which will come in handy given the fact that 2015 will be characterized by bold colors and unique designs

The themed kitchen has fallen back a bit on the list of popular kitchen style ideas for 2015, although this is not really a surprise. The themed kitchen has so many different designs, which makes it hard to really put a label on it. The most popular themed kitchens over the past few years were the French kitchen, the Italian Kitchen and also the 1950’s American Diner. There are no clear predications yet of which direction the themed kitchen will take in the coming years, but this leave a lot of room for creativity!

Kitchen style ideas coincide with new color trends as well and there are certainly some outstanding and remarkable color trends for the coming year. Orange is going to be the most recommended color for modern kitchens, a color that is notorious for being hard to implement. Even though orange has been a popular color in the 1960’s, it has been on the background for a considerable amount of years.

Wood also makes up a large part of the kitchen style ideas for 2015. We can see a lot of wooden materials and they are not only limited to the standard traditional kitchen! Modern kitchens for 2015 will use wood to put accents and will still be used as a common floor material. In short, 2015 is going to be a year where you can let your creativity on the loose!

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