Kitchen Ideas For 2015

We are entering another year and the kitchen ideas for 2015 are now officially released! Whether you are a lover of the good old traditional kitchen, or if you have a passion for modern, 2015 will have everything you need.


Traditional has definitely not gone out of style, because you will still find beautiful traditional kitchens amongst our kitchen ideas for 2015. This excellent traditional kitchen has a beautiful wooden floor and complements the colors of the furniture and walls brilliantly. Some people would argue that the kitchen looks a little bit too busy, but if you are going traditional you want to create a certain coziness.

The glass kitchen cabinets create more space in the room. Since this kitchen is already quite large, it was not really needed, but it is an excellent tip for people with small kitchens who like to go traditional. The storage options in this kitchen are also countless, notice the built-in food storage under the kitchen island and many kitchen cabinets surrounding it.

More functionality and working space has been created by the kitchen island in the center of the room. This has ensured that the countertops of the kitchen cabinets can be used for some beautiful traditional decorations.


The best modern kitchen ideas are simple and streamlined and this is exactly what this kitchen has achieved. The only thing that is missing from this kitchen design is some contrast, but this can be easily created with some bold decorations in the room.

Kitchen appliances have been built-in the kitchen cabinets and has saved a considerable amount of room. This is always the way to go, because bulky kitchen appliances can really take away the room in your modern kitchen.

Natural light is the best way to go to bring light into your modern kitchen. If you have the budget to do so, installing a big window will complement your modern kitchen perfectly. If you don’t have the budget, you can install some pendant lights or wall lighting if the wiring is already available. Rewiring electrics is very costly, so if you are on a budget you might want to stick with what you already have.

Even though the modern kitchen above is a nice and streamlined modern kitchen, it could have been better with some bold pendant lights. The pendant lights used in this kitchen are pretty much the same color as the rest of the kitchen. This kitchen could have looked a lot better with some bold red or blue lighting, depending on the colors of other accessories. Given the wooden color used in the cabinets, red lighting would definitely look better.

This modern kitchen has also used tile flooring, which is perfect for modern kitchens. Big tiles create a sleeker look than small tiles.

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